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Here are a couple of screenprints that I did a couple weeks ago. I tried two different colors of reeves bkf paper for this. I'm really happy with how the white one turned out. Screenprinting is really great when you have the time and resources. It gives a new dimension to your artwork. I might try and use it at least once next semester since it will be the last time I'm in school and will have the resources to do so.



The one on white looks great :)

Jessica said...

I love the dimensions of the white one. Fantastic work!

Nicole said...

thanks guys!

A. said...

lovvvvveee the second pic and the light pink! very nice! I am now following your blog because its super!

heres mine if you'd like to follow me! (its only new!)


Nicole said...

thank you a :) checked out your blog as well and really like it! I'll soon be out of school and unemployed as well in this crazy fashion/art world...eekks cant wait lol . I'll keep checking back :) - nikki