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Anne Fontaine

This event happened a while ago, but I thought I would post some of the pictures up from the Anne Fontaine runway show. My boss, Terrance Sullivan and owner of Pink Pump (where my artwork was displayed this past summer), Tawney Thieu did a collaborative runway show with Anne Fontaine at Somerset. Here are some photos from the event. It was a great show!

My mom and I at the show.



Jessica said...

You and your mom are too cute!

Nikki Jarecz said...

haha thanks!

Jessica said...

Awwww, I made sure to add you to my links too! I couldn't believe I hadn't done that yet - I love your work!

Nikki Jarecz said...

thanks for keep checking back on my blog, i've been meaning to add yours to my list for a while now too...done and done!

bloo. said...

you do beautiful drawings:)
I would like to own one ..



Nikki Jarecz said...

why thank you , i'll have to keep up with your blog as well! :)

ax_ELLE said...

woa, you look really pretty

Nicole Jarecz said...

thanks for the compliment!