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My creative nook

LOTS of magazines...I had about double that before, but I'm trying to downsize since I'm moving this summer.

Books...more where this came from. I hope to have a big collection of art books one day. O and some DVD's when I have the freetime. I love LOST!



The Beast. 27 inch IMac, wireless keyboard and mouse. And my wacom tablet :)


My current obsession: Vogue's S/S 2010 collection magazine!


SchauminChanel said...

I must say I Love your set up. Its nice and neat, and I envy your 27 in screen! lol I love big screens when it comes to design and artwork. I am thinking of revamping my design studio as we speak :)

Keep up the good work!

Freelance Apparel Designer/Owner
Creative Conceptz Ltd.

Jessica said...

Looks like such an efficient workspace! And I didn't even know Vogue published collection magazines. Need.

Nicole Jarecz said...

Thanks SchauminChanel ! I just got the IMac a few weeks ago , so I'm really enjoying it. I had an old pc laptop it really makes the difference in doing my artwork now!

And Jessica, you should go get this magazine NOW. It's great that you can look at the collections online but to have it in your hands is even better!

naomi said...

ugh, i went to go buy that vogue today and then changed my mind when they told me that it was $57! pain.

everything is so organized, how do you keep it that way?

Nicole Jarecz said...

$57?! I bought mine at a Barnes and Noble for $30...hmm..that's strange.

o, and my working space is normally not that clean. I made it look nice before I got down to work this semester at school lol

Stylish Goose said...

You are so organized! I wish I was like that! My work area is on the couch in front of the tv, with my laptop and my tablet (even though i have a proper office set up upstairs). I need to learn from you :).

Have to run, cause i am going to buy that vogue collections!!!!! right now!

Nicole Jarecz said...

I cleaned up before i took this picture...normally I have a lot going on. thought i would take a picture while it looked nice and neat before my school semester started!

you'll love the vogue collections magazine :) !!

Anonymous said...

That's a cozy workspace nook. I like how everything is easily reachable, like the sketchbooks and magazines. Floating the desk in the room instead of facing a wall is a great choice too.

juj said...

you're so organized !!

Stephanie said...

omgod your space is incredible!! and definitely don't downsize your magazines, everyone i know who's ever done that has deep regrets about it :) and your computer is sooo AWESOME!!!!!! xx