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Rockin a new illo

Here is a preview of a new illustration I started to work on. I never really post process work so I thought I'd start doing that sometimes. I really loved this girl's tattoo so I had to incorporate this element into the illustration.

Also, how do you like my new header for my blog? I hand-drew the type which was different for me but a lot of fun. I should do it more often!


Ra said...

very cool. i'm glad you're back!

Meghan said...

love these! you're soo talented :) thanks for sharing!

Louise Andersone said...

Hi Nicole, I been checking back to your blog every week and I'm so so happy that you have returned. Please keep your blog updated. I really enjoy looking at your work and your updates.


Friend in Fashion said...

Love the new header! Good to have you back :)

Friend in Fashion
x said...

fantastic. I love to see the process! Definitely lets see more of that!!!!